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5 Reasons Why OFWs Should Invest in Pre-Selling Homes

It is difficult to choose what kind of property is worth our hard-earned money. For yuppies, condo units are the most ideal because of accessibility; for families whether big or small, a house and lot is realistically preferable. These days, the rise of the demand for pre-selling homes is remarkable. Home seekers now opt for the not-yet-tangible-but-soon-will-be properties. 

For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), it is never easy to spend considerable amount money earned through hard work. However, we can never reject the fact that for people who work abroad, having a home in their own country is one of the most encouraging things. The popularity of pre-selling properties in the real estate industry is a way for OFWs to have a permanent residence.

Here are 5 reasons why OFWs should invest in pre-selling homes:

  1. Affordable
Pre-selling units are more affordable compared to the regular ready-for-occupancy homes. OFWs can save money because of the low introductory price. Pre-selling properties are usually 30 to 50% cheaper than a finished one. Developers even offer discounts, a reduced down payment rate, and flexible payment schemes. Whether it is a townhouse or a condo unit, OFWs will find it easier to fulfill the payment because of affordability.

  1. Appreciation of Value
The value of a property that was initially sold as pre-sale appreciates over a period of time after its construction. More so, when the community where it belongs to prospers and becomes more developed, its value will further increase. However, OFWs should seriously consider the location for it significantly plays a role when it comes to the worth of a property.

  1. Potential Income-Generator
OFWs can potentially generate income even when they are not in the country once the property is already finished. They can opt to rent it out. That way, there would be a constant source of income that would help them save more money. They can also sell the home once the construction is done and invest in another pre-selling property. This cycle when ingeniously established encourages a pattern that helps generate income effortlessly. It can be helpful for OFWs who no longer want to work overseas.

  1. Security
A sense of security is felt by OFWs when they buy a property. Pre-selling homes also give that feeling of anticipation because of the waiting period that is always worth it. Gone are the days when it takes a lot of effort just to find the home that would best cater to the needs of homeseekers. Nowadays, everyone can just access the internet and search for homes or even ask real estate professionals. OFWs are a part of those homeseekers who want to own a home that would meet all of their needs. Once they get a hold of that key to their new home, financial and even personal securities are guaranteed. Pre-selling properties can provide that feeling of assurance and anticipation to OFWs anytime.

  1. Personal Satisfaction
The purchase of a pre-selling property usually gives everyone a fair chance to choose their ideal location. For a pre-selling condominium unit, OFWs can select which floor they prefer. But more than the luxury of choosing the best spot, they can take advantage of premium amenities that make the purchase of the property, even more, worth it. They can pick a unit that is strategically located nearby the pool area and playground, or the topmost floor to have the best view of the neighborhood. When they transfer, they can finally enjoy a relaxed lifestyle after years of hard work.

OFWs and pre-selling properties match perfectly. The important thing that they need to find out now is where the ideal location for their investment is.
Why do you think OFWs should invest in a pre-selling home? Share it with us in the comments section.

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